Instantly Turn Affiliate DataFeeds Into Rich Profitable Content For Your Blogs and Web Pages!

Quickly and Effortlessly Turn Any Merchant's CSV Data Feed Into An RSS Feed Or An Affiliate Web Site Instantly

From: Michelle Timothy
Date: Friday February 12, 2016

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Datafeeds Equal More Content For Your Blogs and Web Pages

As an affiliate your job is to make money and no matter whether your strategy is to build blogs or to build web pages, one thing is for certain ... You Need Content! Datafeeds are a fantastic way to get that content. Datafeeds are widely and freely available from major affiliate networks like Shareasale, Commission Junction, LinkShare, Kolimbo etc and even from private sellers like Yahoo store owners.

Affiliate Feed Generator will instantly convert your messy CSV datafeeds into RSS feeds, web pages or 'RSS to Blog' formatted feeds.

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What Are Datafeeds and How Do I Use Them?

Datafeeds are large files filled with information about a merchants product offerings. Datafeeds contain information such as the price, description, image and direct link to a product that a merchant has for sale on their website. The links inside of datafeeds are easily changed into your own affiliate link so that you receive credit for each sale when using that feed on your web pages and blogs.

The problem is that most datafeeds are in CSV format and difficult to use properly. Heck ... Most affiliate don't even know what to do with the file once they've download it. For example ... How do you take a datafeed file and then make a website? Or how do you take a datafeed file and add it to a blog? Well it isn't simple to do but it is possible to clean up a datafeed file and add it to your website or blog. It involves being able to use excel spread sheets and easily manipulate the information without messing anything up.

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"I Absolutely Love Michelle's New Affiliate Feed Generator"

Here's why I absolutely love Michelle's new Affiliate Feed Generator: datafeeds have the best and highest converting keywords, datafeeds let you pulverize your competition in affiliate markets, datafeeds can be used on money sites and feeder sites, for adsense, affiliate income, or drop shipping.

Bottom line? Datafeeds make me money and if you use Affiliate Feed Generator properly they will make you money as well.

Dave Tropeano

Why Use Datafeeds For Content?

Datafeeds are readily available from the major affiliate networks in every hot niche imaginable. In most cases the datafeeds are also free.
Datafeeds provide lots of original content for your web pages and blogs. The data provided for each product includes the price, the title, and a full desciption of the product.
Datafeeds provide content that is profitable for you! Instantly create useful content for your webpages and blogs from free datafeeds
Unique content! While everyone else is using the same old rss feeds and scraping the same old search results for content, you could be ahead of the game by using Datafeeds to provide original content, that is relevant to your niche, useful to your visitors and profitable for you to use.
New revenue streams! Stop relying solely on adsense for your online income, diversify your portfolio with datafeeds.
Create niche money sites and blogs instantly! Much of the talk online is about "money sites" (any site that makes you money) With datafeeds you can create instant money sites!
Use datafeeds to provide daily content to your blogs!
How Does This Software Work?
  1. Download a feed from your favorite affiliate network
  2. Browse for the feed on your computer with "Affiliate Feed Generator"
  3. Choose which affiliate network the feed is from
  4. Enter your affiliate ID
  5. Customize the look of your feed with our clear easy options (Choose font color and image alignment).
  6. Generate your feed in 1 of 3 formats; Webpages, RSS feed or RSS to Blog feed.

6 Easy Steps to Create Your Feed.
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Here's The Real Scoop ... This is How You Can Make Real Affiliate Cash

There is serious money to be made by promoting niche affiliate programs! Everyone already knows about making affiliate money with adsense, Amazon or Clickbank ... but hardly anyone is using datafeeds! Mostly due to the fact that until now you needed a programmer to help you turn any feed into a store front. That meant only a select few affiliates were using this goldmine of profitable content. Imagine promoting unique content in a multitude of niches with basically no competition. Now with blogs and Affiliate Feed Generator you can turn any blog or website into a niche storefront easily and effortlessly!

Datafeeds provide themed content for your pages! And you get paid when some one buys from the vendor after clicking through from a link on your website or blog. It is a powerful combination to use datafeeds with links direct to the product rather than just linking directly to the vendor with a generic banner.

Using affiliate datafeeds and providing a direct link to a product will increase your earnings from affiliate vendors like shareasale. How? When you use datafeeds you are pre-selling the customer before he even leaves your site. By eliminating that extra click and taking the customer directly to the product that they want on the merchant's site.

Directly targeting specific products in a merchants catalog is much more effective at sale conversions than just sending people to the vendors home page with a banner.

When you supply the customer with all the information they need to make an informed purchase, then all that is left to do is for the merchant to close the sale! That is the power of datafeeds.

associate feed generator

" This Takes All the Real Work Out of Manually Building
High Quality Affiliate Pages. "

"This is great! Now I can directly import data feeds from networks such as Commission Junction and auto-populate my blogs or website pages with affiliate products. This takes all the real work out of manually building high quality affiliate pages. You can even build a store filled with affiliate products.

I really like the built-in cloaking feature that will mask you affiliate ID and make it appear as if the feed is coming from your
own site.. Michelle always provides top notch technical support should I have any sort of question or need for help.. and she is there to respond.

Thanks Michelle for another great tool."

Brian Adams

AVOID "Thin Affiliate Sites"
With Our Unique Cloaked Links Feature.

A "Thin Affiliate" site is a website that has little content and lots of affiliate links. Google doesnt like these types of websites. In some cases having only one affiliate link on your website will qualify you to be labeled as a thin affiliate.

All affiliate links inside of datafeeds link back to the affiliate vendors site (for example: linking back to shareasale) then redirects back to the merchants site. So as an affiliate using datafeeds, you would be stuck with a long ugly link that looks like this

The problem with having that type of link in your pages is that Google knows this is an affiliate link and your site can be labeled as a "Thin affiliate site" because of it.

How do we avoid this? With Affiliate Feed Generator you can generate affiliate links that look like internal links to more pages on your site. When your customer clicks on it they are instantly redirected to the correct affiliate page on the vendors site plus you are credited for the referral. Having cloaked affiliate links that look like internal links makes for stronger affiliate websites.

Hiding The Affiliate Links Are Good
For Your Affiliate Conversions Too!

  • Sneeky people that want to steal commisions can't do so if they dont ever see the affiliate link
  • Also your customers are more trusting of you if your links are not obvious affiliate referral links.

Bonus Feature ... Datafeed Page Generator!

With Affiliate Feed Generator you can also make webpages from the content contained in the datafeed. Instantly generate a mini datafeed store from any datafeed. Now you can build instant datafeed stores without any programming knowledge or special software. Choose whether to generate 1 page for each item or multiple items on each page.

Use your own template and insert the datafeed content with tokens, add your own logo and other affiliate content to the templates!


AFG will allow you to instantly turn any CSV datafeed into a valid 2.0 RSS Feed Filled With Products (These will be your personal RSS feeds, you will own them and host them on your own domains) Use these rss feeds on normal websites and on blogs!
Instantly add your affiliate ID to an entire feed and format it for RSS to Blog instatly!
Instantly Build a Datafeed Store filled with niche products!
Content rich datafeeds provide you with Images, Product Descriptions and descriptive titles. Drive targeted visitors to your pages with all these new keywords!
Instantly handle large datafeeds from any affiliate company. Change them into a format that you can use on your webpages and blogs.
Create Feeds Formatted for RSS to Blog with #TITLE# and #BREAK#
Diversify Your Income. Add Multiple Streams of Income to Your Portfolio
Find Products For Any Niche From any of the many affiliate networks available.



  • You will need an RSS Reader (We recomend RSS Content Builder) to add the RSS feeds generated by Affiliate Feed Generator to your web pages. If you only plan on using the rss feeds for blogs you dont need an rss reader. It is only needed for adding rss to regular web pages. But any RSS Reader program for websites will work with these feeds. And there are free RSS Reader options like RSS Feed Reader

  • The RSS to Blog feed that this software produces uses #TITLE# and #BREAK# to distinguish titles and items in the feed. This feed is 100% compatible with the RSS to Blog application. If you dont use RSS to Blog you should be able to use the RSS feed with your blog poster software.

  • Affiliate Feed Generator is a client side application requiring .Net 1.1 or higher (.Net 1.1 is a free download from



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We're so confident you're going to love Affiliate Feed Generator, that we're willing to put our reputation on the line and offer you a rock solid 100% money back guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied for any reason, then simply contact us anytime within 30 days and we'll refund all of your money!



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